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Power BI is a set of software, apps and connectors which work together to convert different sources of information into logical, visually immersive and interactive insights. Your data may be in the form of an Excel table or a collection of cloud-based and on-site hybrid data warehouses. Power BI makes it easy to connect, view and find out what's important to your data sources.
Parts of power BI :

Power BI consists of several functioning components, starting from these three principles:


  • Power BI Desktop is an application for Windows Desktop.

  • Power BI is an online SaaS service (Software as a Service).

  • Windows, iOS and Android mobile Power BI apps are available.


All the three parts—Power BI Desktop, services and mobile apps—are designed to help your business insights and your role to be produced, distributed and consumed as efficiently as possible.


In addition, Power BI offers two other characteristics:

  • You can create paginated reports that can be distributed via the Power BI service from the Power BI Report Builder. More about paginated reports will be available later in this article.

  • You can post them on Power BI Desktop to Power BI Report Server, an on-site report server, after you have developed your Power BI reports. More on the Power BI Report Server will be available later in this article.

How Power BI matches your role
The way you use Power BI may vary depending on your role in a project or in a team. Others may use Power BI differently in different roles.

If you are a developer, you can use Power BI APIs to move data into datasets or include dashboards and reports in your own custom applications. Have you got a visual concept? Create and share it with others on your own. You could use each component of the Power BI at various times, depending on what you attempt to do or your role in the project. What function or service of Power BI is the greatest tool for how you use it. You can use Power BI Desktop to build client statistics reports for your own team, and can use the Power BI service to view inventory and manufacturing progress on a dashboard in real time. You can build a paginated mailable invoice report. By BI Power
What is the Power BI service?
Power BI is a set of software solutions, apps, and links that work together to assist you and your business in producing, distributing and consuming business insights as effectively as possible. Power BI component of SaaS (Software as a Service) is the online Microsoft Power BI ( The Power BI dashboards allow you to keep an eye on your company pulse. Dashboards show tiles that can be opened for further investigation by clicking on. Dashboards and reports are linked to databases that collect all essential information at a single location.
Creating reports in the service
A typical workflow of Power BI begins with a Power BI desktop report, followed by a Power BI service report.

This approach is common, although reports from Power BI can be produced directly in Power BI. Have you registered for a SaaS product like Salesforce (Software as Services)? Power BI offers tools to create dashboards and web data for you. Connect to Salesforce to start a jump or view the other SaaS apps with which you can connect.


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