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About Web Development:

Web development is the building and maintenance of websites; it's the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience. Web developers, or 'devs', do this by using a variety of coding languages.

Top Reasons to learn Web Development

7 Reasons You Should Learn Web Development. ...
1 Now Hiring! ...
2 A Great Income. ...
3 No Wasted Time in Learning How to Code. ...
4 You Can Work From Anywhere. ...
5 You Can Work at an Awesome Tech Company. ...
6 There Are Always Freelance Opportunities. ...
7 It's Creative and Fun.

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  • Any Degree pursuing or Graduated,
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and
  • Anyone interested in course
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HTML & CSS Building

Your First Web Page What Are HTML & CSS? Understanding Common HTML Terms Setting Up the HTML Document Structure Understanding Common CSS Terms Working with Selectors Referencing CSS Using CSS Resets Getting to Know HTML Semantics Overview Identifying Divisions & Spans Using Text-Based Elements Building Structure Creating Hyperlinks Getting to Know CSS The Cascade Calculating Specificity Combining Selectors Layering Styles with Multiple Classes Common CSS Property Values Opening the Box Model How Are Elements Displayed? What Is the Box Model? Working with the Box Model Developer Tools Positioning Content Positioning with Float- Positioning with Inline-Block Creating Reusable Layouts Uniquely Positioning Elements Working with Typography Adding Color to Text Changing Font Properties Applying Text Properties Using Web-Safe Fonts Embedding Web Fonts Including Citations & Quotes Setting Backgrounds & Gradients Adding a Background Color Adding a Background Image Designing Gradient Backgrounds Using Multiple Background Images Exploring New Background Properties Creating Lists Unordered Lists Ordered Lists Description Lists Nesting Lists List Item Styling Horizontally Displaying List Adding Media Adding Images Adding Audio Adding Video Adding Inline Frames Semantically Identifying Figures & Captions Building Forms Initializing a Form Text Fields & Textareas Multiple Choice Inputs & Menus Form Buttons Other Inputs Organizing Form Elements Form & Input Attributes Login Form Example Organizing Data with Tables Creating a Table Table Structure Table Borders Table Striping Aligning Text Completely Styled Table Writing Your Best Code HTML Coding Practices CSS Coding Practices


Introduction Layouts Grid system Utilities for layout Content Typography Images Tables Components Alerts Badges Breadcrumb Buttons Button group Cards Carousel Collapse Dropdowns Forms Input group Jumbotron List group Media object Modal Navs Navbar Pagination Popovers Progress Spinners Toasts Tooltips Utilities Borders Colors Display property Embeds Flex Overflow Position Shadows Sizing Spacing Text Vertical alignment Icons


  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Random
  • Math
  • Scipy
  • sklearn
  • Keras
  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCV
  • NLTK
  • Spacy
  • Lot more…


JAVASCRIPT – Overview What is JavaScript? Client-Side JavaScript Advantages of JavaScript Limitations of JavaScript JavaScript Development Tools Where is JavaScript Today? JAVASCRIPT – Syntax Your First JavaScript Code Whitespace and Line Breaks Semicolons are Optional Case Sensitivity Comments in JavaScript JAVASCRIPT – Enabling JavaScript in Internet Explorer JavaScript in Firefox JavaScript in Chrome JavaScript in Opera Warning for Non-JavaScript Browsers JAVASCRIPT – Placement JavaScript in and Sections JavaScript in External File JAVASCRIPT – Variables JavaScript Datatypes JavaScript Variables JavaScript Variable Scope JavaScript Variable Names JavaScript Reserved Words JAVASCRIPT – Operators What is an Operator? Arithmetic Operators Comparison Operators Logical Operators Bitwise Operators Assignment Operators Miscellaneous Operators JAVASCRIPT – If-Else Flow Chart of if-else if Statement if...else Statement if...else if... Statement JAVASCRIPT – Switch-Case JAVASCRIPT – While Loop The while Loop The do...while Loop JAVASCRIPT – For Loop The for Loop JAVASCRIPT – For-in Loop JAVASCRIPT – Loop Control The break Statement The continue Statement Using Labels to Control the Flow JAVASCRIPT – Functions Function Definition Calling a Function Function Parameters The return Statement Nested Functions Function () Constructor Function Literals JAVASCRIPT – Events What is an Event? onclick Event Type onsubmit Event Type onmouseover and onmouseout HTML 5 Standard Events JAVASCRIPT – Cookies What are Cookies? How It Works? Storing Cookies Reading Cookies Setting Cookies Expiry Date Deleting a Cookie JAVASCRIPT – Page Redirect What is Page Redirection? JavaScript Page Refresh Auto Refresh How Page Re-direction Works? JAVASCRIPT – Dialog Box Alert Dialog Box Confirmation Dialog Box Prompt Dialog Box


JAVASCRIPT – Objects Object Properties Object Methods User-Defined Objects Defining Methods for an Object The ‘with’ Keyword JAVASCRIPT – Number Number Properties MAX_VALUE MIN_VALUE NaN NEGATIVE_INFINITY POSITIVE_INFINITY Prototype constructor Number Methods toExponential () toFixed () toLocaleString () toPrecision () toString () valueOf () JAVASCRIPT – Boolean Boolean Properties constructor () Prototype Boolean Methods toSource () toString () valueOf () JAVASCRIPT – String String Properties constructor Length Prototype String Methods charAt() charCodeAt () contact () indexOf () lastIndexOf () localeCompare () match () replace () Search () slice () split () substr () substring () toLocaleLowerCase() toLocaleUppereCase () toLowerCase () toString () toUpperCase () valueOf () String HTML Wrappers anchor() big() blink () bold () fixed () fontColor () fontsize () italics () link () small () strike () sub() sup () JAVASCRIPT – Arrays Array Properties constructor length Prototype Array Methods concat () every () filter () forEach () indexOf () join () lastIndexOf () map () pop () push () reduce () reduceRight () reverse () shift () slice () some () sort () splice () toString () unshift () JAVASCRIPT – Date Date Properties constructor Prototype Date Methods Date() getDate() getDay() getFullYear() getHours() getMilliseconds() getMinutes () getMonth () getSeconds () getTime () getTimezoneOffset () getUTCDate () getUTCDay () getUTCFullYear () getUTCHours () getUTCMilliseconds () getUTCMinutes () getUTCMonth () getUTCSeconds () getYear () setDate () setFullYear () setHours () setMilliseconds () setMinutes () setMonth () setSeconds () setTime () setUTCDate () setUTCFullYear () setUTCHours () setUTCMilliseconds () setUTCMinutes () setUTC Month () setUTCSeconds () setYear () toDateString () toGMTString () toLocaleDateString () toLocaleDateString () toLocaleFormat () toLocaleString () toLocaleTimeSring () toSource () toString () toTimeString () toUTCString () valeOf () Date Static Methods Date.parse ( ) Date.UTC ( ) JAVASCRIPT – Math Math Properties Math-E Math-LN2 Math-LN10 Math-LOG2E Math-LOG10E Math-PI Math-SQRT1_2 Math-SQRT2 Math Methods abs () acos () asin ( ) atan ( ) atan2 ( ) ceil ( ) cos ( ) exp ( ) floor ( ) log ( ) max ( ) min ( ) pow ( ) random ( ) round ( ) sin ( ) sqrt ( ) tan ( ) toSource ( ) JAVASCRIPT – RegExp Brackets Quantifiers Literal Characters Metacharacters Modifiers RegExp Properties constructor global ignoreCase lastIndex multiline source RegExp Methods exec ( ) test ( ) toSource ( ) toString ( )


JAVASCRIPT – Errors and Exceptions Syntax Errors Runtime Errors Logical Errors The try...catch...finally Statement The throw Statement The onerror( ) Method JAVASCRIPT – Form Validation Basic Form Validation Data Format Validation JAVASCRIPT – Animation Manual Animation Automated Animation Rollover with a Mouse Event


PHP ─ Introduction Common Uses of PHP Characteristics of PHP "Hello World" Script in PHP PHP ─ Environment Setup PHP Parser Installation PHP Installation on Linux or Unix with Apache PHP Installation on Mac OS X with Apache PHP Installation on Windows NT/2000/XP with IIS PHP Installation on Windows NT/2000/XP with Apache ● Apache Configuration for PHP PHP.INI file Configuration PHP ─ Syntax Overview Escaping to PHP Commenting PHP Code PHP is whitespace insensitive PHP is case sensitive Statements are expressions terminated by semicolons Expressions are combinations of tokens Braces make blocks Running PHP Script from Command Prompt PHP ─ Variable Types Integers Doubles Boolean NULL Strings Variable Naming PHP – Variables PHP Local Variables PHP Function Parameters PHP Global Variables PHP Static Variables

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Web Developer

Components of Artificial Intelligence

The Admin Dashboard. As you use WordPress, you'll become very familiar with the admin dashboard. ... Posts are a crucial component of WordPress and are used to create various types of content. ... Pages. In many ways, WordPress pages are very similar to posts. ... Plugins. ... Themes. ... Categories. ... Tags. ... The Media Library.

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