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Mongo DB Training Overview

MongoDB is the latest and rapidly growing database service provided by MongoDB Inc. MongoDB is not a relational database but a NoSQL database. As a document-oriented database, MongoDB provides high performance, auto failover and auto-scaling which is the primary goal for the newly emerging Big data and Developers. You will gain enough expertise in the framework of Data Monitoring, Indexing and Aggregation. It supports cross-platform and document-oriented database which is mainly used for the Large-scale database. Mongo DB is a high-performance open source, Schema free document / Object-Oriented database optimized for web application environments. MongoDB stores data as JSON formats, sometimes the documents can be varied in structure. Relevant information is stored together in a document for better and fast query access via the MongoDB query language.

Who should do the course

• Professionals from Analysts background.
• Software Developers
• Web Developers
• Those who want to become master in MongoDB/NoSQL
• Project Managers and Trainers
• System administrators
• Research professionals
• Those looking for a career in Big Data

Who can Pursue Artificial Intelligence?

  • Any Degree pursuing or Graduated,
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and
  • Anyone interested in course
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Getting started with MongoDB

• Execution of a JavaScript file in MongoDB • Making the output of find readable in shell • Complementary Terms • Installation • Basic commands on mongo shell • Hello World

CRUD Operation

• Create • Update • Delete • Read • Update of embedded documents • More update operators • “multi” Parameter while updating multiple documents

Getting database information

• List all collections in the database • List all databases

Querying for Data (Getting Started)

• Find() • FindOne() • limit, skip, sort and count the results of the find() method • Query Document – Using AND, OR and IN Conditions • find() method with Projection • Find() method with Projection

Update Operators

• $set operator to update specified field(s) in document(s)

Upserts and Inserts

• Insert a document


• Create a Collection • Drop Collection


• Count • Sum • Average • Operations with arrays • Aggregate query examples useful for work and learning • Match • Get sample data • Remove docs that have a duplicate field in a collection (dedupe) • Left Outer Join with aggregation ( $Lookup) • Server Aggregation • Aggregation in a Server Method • Java and Spring example


• Index Creation Basics • Dropping/Deleting an Index • Sparse indexes and Partial indexes • Get Indices of a Collection • Compound • Unique Index • Single field • Delete • List

Bulk Operations

• Converting a field to another type and updating the entire collection in Bulk

2dsphere Index

• Create a 2dsphere Index

Pluggable Storage Engines

• WiredTiger • MMAP • In-memory • mongo-rocks • Fusion-io • TokuMX

Java Driver

• Fetch Collection data with condition • Create a database user • Create a tailable cursor

Python Driver

• Connect to MongoDB using pymongo • PyMongo queries • Update all documents in a collection using PyMongo

Mongo as Shards

• Sharding Environment Setup


• Basic configuration with three nodes

Mongo as a Replica Set

• MongoDB as a Replica Set • Check MongoDB Replica Set states

MongoDB – Configure a ReplicaSet to support TLS/SSL

• How to configure a ReplicaSet to support TLS/SSL? • How to connect your Client (Mongo Shell) to a ReplicaSet?

Authentication Mechanisms in MongoDB

• Authentication Mechanisms

MongoDB Authorization Model

• Built-in Roles

Backing up and Restoring Data

• Basic mongodump of local default mongod instance • Basic mongorestore of local default mongod dump • mongoimport with JSON • mongoimport with CSV

Job Roles

• Mongo DB Developer

Objectives of the Course

• Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho • Integration of MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo • Develop an expertise in writing Java and Node JS applications using MongoDB • Troubleshoot Performance issues. • Understand MongoDB Aggregation framework • Learn MongoDB Backup and Recovery options and strategies • How to setup a replicated cluster, Managing ReplicaSets etc.

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