1. Program Basics


Designed for budding IT professionals, this in-house internship provides an engaging, hands-on corporate experience. Spanning 90 days, participants will delve into actual IT projects, collaborating closely with seasoned experts in an energetic and team-oriented environment.


The intent of the program is to seamlessly connect theoretical knowledge from academic studies with real-world IT applications. It seeks to equip interns with a thorough grasp of everyday functions in an IT department, coupled with exposure to cutting-edge technologies and approaches.


Focused on enhancing both technical abilities and personal growth, the program targets skill improvement in key areas like software engineering, data analytics, and cybersecurity. It also places a strong emphasis on cultivating essential soft skills including collaboration, critical thinking, and effective communication, essential for professional success.


This internship is planned as an intensive, full-time commitment lasting 90 days. The chosen timeframe ensures substantial engagement in significant projects, balanced with maintaining vigorous enthusiasm and educational depth.


Interns are expected to adhere to a standard workday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. The routine encompasses project involvement, mentorship interactions, educational workshops, and team cooperation activities. Regular performance reviews are integrated to monitor progress and offer constructive feedback.
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  2. Eligibility Criteria


Candidates should be in the midst of or have recently concluded academic programs in computer science, information technology, or analogous fields. A base level of proficiency in client-side programming, database handling, and network architecture is preferred. Previous project involvement or internships, particularly in client settings, although not essential, will be viewed positively.

Application Process:

Aspirants are required to apply online, providing a comprehensive CV, a persuasive cover letter, and any significant academic or project-specific work samples. Those shortlisted will be invited to partake in an interview, which may include practical tests to determine their client-service IT aptitude and problem-solving prowess.

  3. Training & Mentorship


Initiated with a detailed orientation phase, the interns will be introduced to the firm's client service protocols, IT systems, and project management strategies. They will participate in interactive forums to understand the spectrum of client projects and the technological resources utilized.

Mentor Assignments:

Each intern will be allied with an adept IT mentor, focusing on client services throughout the duration of the program. Mentors will provide project support, share insights into client-oriented IT career trajectories, and help navigate the company’s network.

  4. Project Evaluation

 Project Guidelines:

Interns will contribute to hands-on client projects, which are integral to the firm's service offerings, designed to be challenging but accomplishable within the allotted 90 days. Projects will be clearly defined with objectives, desired outcomes, and timelines.

 Performance Assessment:

Ongoing review sessions will appraise interns' technical skill sets, problem-solving techniques, and overall impact on client projects. Feedback meetings will be scheduled to review achievements, confront challenges, and strategize personal development goals.

  5. Career Advancement

 Completion Recognition

Successful interns will be recognized with a completion certificate, and those with exceptional performance may receive commendations or professional endorsements.

 Opportunities Post-Internship:

Notable interns may be evaluated for potential employment within the company’s client-service departments. All interns will be welcomed into the alumni network, encouraging continuous professional growth and networking, which may facilitate further professional opportunities in client-centric IT roles.

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