1. Program Basics


This academic internship is specifically crafted for students to merge theoretical knowledge from their studies with practical technological applications in a professional setting. Over a span of 90 days, interns will partake in meaningful IT projects, aligning with academic benchmarks and working under the guidance of industry experts.


The intent is to create a synergy between academic curriculum and industry practices, providing students with a platform to apply classroom theories to real-world tech scenarios, thereby enriching their educational experience and enhancing their future employability.


The program's objectives are centered on advancing technical acumen in specific academic areas of IT, such as research-oriented software development, data science, and systems analysis, while also fostering critical professional skills like analytical thinking, project management, and scholarly communication.


Conceived as an immersive, full-time commitment, the internship's 90-day timeframe is chosen to coincide with academic calendars, maximizing learning while accommodating students' schedules.


Interns will follow a structured daily regimen, typically from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, interspersed with dedicated times for collaborative research, mentorship sessions, academic workshops, and project development, with regular assessments to facilitate a robust academic and professional growth.
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  2. Eligibility Criteria


The program seeks applicants who are currently enrolled in an IT-related degree or a similar academic field, demonstrating a solid grasp of foundational computing concepts, research methodologies, and a keen interest in technological innovation. Previous research or project experience, while beneficial, is not mandatory.

Application Process:

Aspirants are to apply via an online portal, submitting an academic CV, a statement of purpose reflecting their research interests and how the internship aligns with their academic goals, along with any pertinent project work or publications. Selected candidates will undergo an interview process, potentially accompanied by a technical assessment to evaluate their academic prowess and research potential.

  3. Training & Mentorship


The program begins with a detailed orientation to familiarize interns with the organization's technological resources, ongoing academic collaborations, and research initiatives. Engagements with various IT research teams will set the stage for their upcoming projects

Mentor Assignments:

Interns are matched with mentors who have expertise in their field of academic interest. These mentors will guide the interns through their projects, offering insights into academic career paths and fostering a scholarly network.

  4. Project Evaluation

 Project Guidelines:

Interns will undertake projects that contribute to scholarly work and align with both their academic pursuits and the company's research objectives. Projects will be clearly defined with scholarly outcomes, adherence to research protocols, and timelines.

 Performance Assessment:

Intern assessments will focus on their contribution to research, the application of academic knowledge, and the ability to innovate. Regular feedback sessions will provide opportunities for academic development and ensure alignment with research goals.

  5. Career Advancement

 Completion Recognition

Upon successful completion, interns will receive an acknowledgment of their contribution to research and a certificate for their academic portfolio. Exceptional interns may also be recommended for academic accolades or authorship on research publications.

 Opportunities Post-Internship:

Exceptional interns might receive consideration for further academic collaboration, research assistantships, or future educational endeavors. All interns will join an academic network that offers long-term support for professional development and further research opportunities within the tech industry.

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